Boothbay during the Revolution

Mike Dekker -  Interpretive Historian

Mike Dekker –
Interpretive Historian

Experience the Boothbay Region’s participation in the War for American Independence through the eyes of Ichabod Tibbits, whose wartime service epitomizes the military experience of many of the peninsula’s residents during the conflict. Interpretive historian Mike Dekker will present his narrative using period clothing and equipment.

Exposed and isolated, the Boothbay Region endured eight years of hardship, hunger, and enemy harassment during the American War for Independence. Meet the Reverend John Murray, whose leadership and diplomatic acumen saved the community from potential destruction and marked him as a man wanted for arrest by the British. Also meet Clark Linnekin who was jailed on suspicion of loyalty to the Crown for conducting trade with the enemy.  Learn about Boothbay’s role in the greatest American naval disaster prior to Pearl Harbor.

Mike Dekker is an avid student of 18th century American History and culture with a particular interest in the history of the mid coast region. Mike is an interpretive historian (re-enactor) who portrays Maine soldiers from both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution.  Mike attended Boothbay Region High School and currently lives in Dresden with his wife and two children.

Join Mike at the historical society, September 17, 2014, 4:00 pm-5:00 pm. Light refreshments to follow. Reservations suggestions: 207-633-0820; Reserved seats will be held until 4:45pm.


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