Permanent Exhibits

The historical society museum is located in the 1874 home of Elizabeth F. Reed and its grounds, Fullerton Park. Display rooms throughout the house contain artifacts and memorabilia that reflect the region’s prehistoric and 300-year-old coastal heritage.fresnel lens

Artifacts & Memorabilia: The Fresnel lens from Ram Island lighthouse catches the sun’s rays and the imagination. Relics of bygone¬† vessels, such as the ship’s bell from the five- masted schooner Courtney Houck and the wheel and compass from the the ferry Richard T. II, are reminiscent of seagoing days. Lobstering and fishing are richly illustrated with pictures, nautical instruments, vintage traps, and assorted gear. An elegant model of the Gulf of Maine shows the gulf’s varying depths of water and fishing grounds.

Tool_RoomTools tell the stories of early industries -a spokeshave for making barrels, saws and groovers for cutting ice, sailmaking tools, and milling equipment. Indian stone tools, arrowheads, and other prehistoric artifacts are evidence of life before the Euroamerican settlers.

Mingled throughout the rooms and halls are antique furnishings, china, paintings, and photographs of long-gone buildings. Clothing from early times is displayed, including a World War II uniform in mint condition. As these collections continue to grow, we are especially appreciative of those friends who have chosen to donate family mementos related to the region.

Photographs: The museum’s photo collection includes more than 12,000color clambake negatives, prints, scans, and postcards. Special collections include photos from Elizabeth F. Reed, more than 2,000 World War II and Korean War images of local ship- building by noted local photographer, Herb Douglas; vintage glass plates by J. H. Labbie, and albums of photographic postcards of local scenes.

ship model

Models, Maps, Books: The museum houses several displays of vessel models ranging from the age of sail through steam and gasoline, including early passenger ferries, and modern lobster boats. Historical maps show snapshots of the region in different eras over the past 250 years. Browse our library of books, diaries, and log books for a sense of what life was like in this small coastal community.



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