Family Files Index

Small, file folder is less than 1/4 inch
Medium, 1/4-1/2 inch
Large, 1/2 inch or more
*additional information in Bound Family Histories

Photocopies of these files are available for a fee.  Call for more information.

 SurnameDescription – Small, Medium, Large
 Adams about the McKeown SwordSmall
*Adams, from Addison Smith, generalLarge
 Adams, Jonathan PinkhmanSmall
 Alley FamilyMedium
 Barter, (Lewis)Small
 Barter, from Forest BarterSmall
 Barter, MerrillLarge
 Barter, Pelatiah-Muscongus BayMedium
 Barters of AlnaSmall
*Bennett, from Fred BennettSmall
 Bennett (General)Small
 Blair-See also Elizabeth ReedMedium
 Blake, Samuel, Abigail Clark, HodgdonSmall
 Boyd – Elizabeth  Reed papersLarge
 Brewer, Edwin LeroySmall
 Brewer, MelvinSmall
 Campbell,  William FamilyMedium
*Carters of Woolwich, MEBound Family History
 Carter, MaceSmall
 Cavoner aka CavanorSmall
 Cowden, Beath-FullertonSmall
 Crommott aka CrommettMedium
*DudleyBound Family History
 Farnham, from Maynard FarnhamSmall
 Giles, EthelynSmall
 Giles, Milton FamilySmall
 Greenleaf (from Howard)Medium
 Hodgdon (misc)Large
 Hodgdon-Hodgdon’s CoveMedium
 Hodgdon-Sawyers IslandSmall
 Hodgdon-Sheldrick-Early So. MaineLarge
 Hodgdon, from WangLarge
*Horn SEE OrneSmall
 Kelly, KelleyLarge
 Knight Family, from HandleyMedium
 Lewis, TerryMedium
 Lewis, William AndersonSmall
 MacDonald- see Day & TibbettsSmall
*McCobb, from Allan McCobbLarge
 McCobb, CharlesSmall
 McCobb, DanielSmall
 McCobb, WillardSmall
 Murray (Dot Bennett’s work)Large
 Oliver, LancelotLarge
*Orne SEE HornMedium
 Perkins-Blenn Perkins FamilySmall
 Perkins-Lew & MerrillSmall
 Pierce, Brud PierceMedium
 Pierce, Cecil PierceMedium
 Pinkham, Simeon-Clisby ArsenaultSmall
 Reed (Modern 1850-2000)Large
 Reed 1700-early1800sLarge
 Reed, BritishMedium
 Reed, from ElizabethSmall
 Reed-Bainbridge Reed LineSmall
*RobertsBound Family History
 Sawyer, from Harry SawyerSmall
 Seavey, Capt. JohnSmall
*Tibbetts SEE WhitehouseLarge
 Tibbetts & DayMedium
 Van HornMedium
 Van Horn, NormanSmall
 Welch-McKown, Juniper Pt.Medium
 Wylie about the Wylie deskSmall
 Wylie FamilyLarge
*Wylie, RobertMedium
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