Family Files

Gathered by the society, this information consists of ten feet of family files totaling as many as 550 different files. Some files are an inch thick; some have no more than a few obituaries. There are three and a half feet of bound family histories written about particular families. The family files consist of obituaries, descendancy charts, correspondence, news clippings, and some secondary material. Most of the correspondence was with local historian, Barbara Rumsey, from 1986 to the present.

In addition to the surnames listed in the index there is a file for each letter of the alphabet that contains items for that letter. Family information that is too sparse to warrant its own file is in the letter file. When searching for your family surname keep in mind that there are variations on spelling.

Howard Family Files
There are twenty-seven feet of file cards on individuals compiled by Muriel Howard. Mrs. Howard also compiled family files which total four feet. Her work ended with her death in the mid-1980s.

Howard Cemetery Files
Region cemetery lists total a half foot, compiled by Muriel Howard up to circa 1985.

Conducting Family Research in the Boothbay Region
A list of resources compiled by our local historian, Barbara Rumsey

Family Files Index

We have over 550 family files.

Small, file folder is less than 1/4 inch
Medium, 1/4-1/2 inch
Large, 1/2 inch or more
*additional information in Bound Family Histories

Photocopies of these files are available for a fee. Call for more information.

Surname Description – Small, Medium, Large
Abbott Small
Adams about the McKeown Sword Small
* Adams, from Addison Smith, general Large
Adams, Jonathan Pinkhman Small
Allen Small
Alley Medium
Alley Family Medium
Anderson Small
Andrews Small
Arsenault Small
Auld Small
Ayer Small
Baker Small
Barlow Small
Barter Large
Barter, (Lewis) Small
Barter, from Forest Barter Small
Barter, Merrill Large
Barter, Pelatiah-Muscongus Bay Medium
Barters of Alna Small
Beal Small
Bearce Small
Beath Small
Bell Small
Benner Small
* Bennett, from Fred Bennett Small
Bennett (General) Small
Benning Medium
Berryman Small
Blackman Small
Blair Small
Blair-See also Elizabeth Reed Medium
Blake Small
Blake, Samuel, Abigail Clark, Hodgdon Small
Blanchard-Blackstone-Ingersoll Small
Blossom Small
Booker Small
Bourget Small
Boyd – Elizabeth Reed papers Large
Brackett Small
Bradley Small
Brewer Large
Brewer, Edwin Leroy Small
Brewer, Melvin Small
* Brittain Small
Brown Small
Bryer Small
Buck Small
Burke Small
* Burnham Medium
Burns Small
Cameron Small
Campbell Small
Campbell, William Family Medium
Capen Small
Carbone Small
Cargill Small
* Carlisle Small
Carter Small
* Carters of Woolwich, ME Bound Family History
Carter, Mace Small
Catland Small
Cavoner aka Cavanor Small
Cressey Small
Chapels Small
Chapman Small
Chase Small
Chesebro Small
Clifford Small
Clisby Small
Colbath Small
Colburn Small
* Colby Small
Conley Small
* Connors Small
Cook Small
Coolen Small
Coombs Small
Corey Small
Cowden, Beath-Fullerton Small
Creamer Small
Crocker Small
Crommott aka Crommett Medium
Cunningham Small
Currier Small
Damrell Small
Dash Small
Day Small
Dean Small
* Decker Medium
Delano Small
Delemere Small
Dickinson Small
Dickson-Dixon Small
Dighton Small
Dodge Medium
Dole Small
Dolloff Small
Dorr Small
Doughty Small
Douglass Small
Dow Small
* Dudley Bound Family History
Duncan Medium
Dunton Medium
Dyer Small
Eames Small
Emerson Small
Farmer Medium
Farnham Small
Farnham, from Maynard Farnham Small
Farrin Small
Fish Small
Fisher Small
Fitch Small
Fossett Small
Foster Medium
Foye Small
* Fuller Small
Fullerton Medium
Galloway Small
Gamage Medium
Gardner Small
Garey Small
Gifford Small
Giles Medium
Giles, Ethelyn Small
Giles, Milton Family Small
Gilpatrick Small
Gordan Small
* Goudy Small
Grady Small
Granger Small
Gray Small
Green-Greene Small
Greenlaw Small
Greenleaf Large
Greenleaf Medium
Greenleaf (from Howard) Medium
Gregory Small
Griffin Small
Grimes Small
Grover Small
Hagan Large
* Haggett Small
Hallowell Small
Hamilton Small
Hardwick Small
Harrington-Herrenden Small
Harris Medium
Hart Small
Hartung Small
Haselton Small
Hatchard Small
Hayes Small
Higgins Small
Hodgdon (misc) Large
Hodgdon-Caleb-mostly Medium
Hodgdon-Hodgdon’s Cove Medium
Hodgdon-Sawyers Island Small
Hodgdon-Sheldrick-Early So. Maine Large
Hodgdon, from Wang Large
Holbrook Small
Holmes Small
Holton Small
* Horn SEE Orne Small
Huff Small
Huskins Small
Hutchins Small
Hutchinson Small
Hyde Small
Hyson Small
Jack/Jackson Small
Jenkins Small
Johnson Small
Jones Small
Keller Small
Kelly, Kelley Large
Kendrick Small
Kennedy Small
* Kenney Small
Kenniston Medium
* Kimball Small
King Small
Knight Large
Knight Family, from Handley Medium
Landerkin Small
Larrabee Small
Latter Small
Leavitt Small
Leeman Small
Leishman Small
Lewis Large
Lewis, Terry Medium
Lewis, William Anderson Small
Light Large
* Linekin Medium
Logan Small
Lord Small
Lorning Small
Lovejoy Small
Lowe Small
Lowery Small
Luke Small
Lundy Small
Lunt Small
MacCormick Small
MacMahan Small
Maddocks Small
MacDonald- see Day & Tibbetts Small
Malcolm Small
Mann Small
Marr Medium
Marson Small
Matthews Medium
Maxwell Small
McClintock Small
* McCobb, from Allan McCobb Large
McCobb, Charles Small
McCobb, Daniel Small
McCobb, Willard Small
McCurdy Small
McDonald Small
McDougall Small
McFarland Small
McInnis Small
McIntire-Wylie Small
McKay Small
McKown Large
McLellan Small
McPhee Small
Meader Small
Merritt Small
Merry-Merrow Small
Miller Small
Moore Large
Morrison Small
Morse Large
Morton Small
Muise Small
Murray (Dot Bennett’s work) Large
Murray Medium
Nelson Small
Newcomb Small
Nickerson Small
Nickles Small
Nunan Small
Oliver, Lancelot Large
Oliver Small
Orchard Small
* Orne SEE Horn Medium
Otis Small
Parker Small
Parmenter Small
Parsons Small
Patten-Patton Small
Patteshall Small
Pennoyer Small
Perkins Medium
Perkins-Blenn Perkins Family Small
Perkins-Lew & Merrill Small
Perry Small
Peters Small
Pierce Small
Pierce, Brud Pierce Medium
Pierce, Cecil Pierce Medium
Pillers Small
* Pinkham Large
Pinkham, Simeon-Clisby Arsenault Small
Piper Small
Poole Small
Poore Large
Pratt Small
Preble Medium
Prescott Small
Priest Small
Race Small
Racliff Medium
Ranco Small
Rand Small
Reed Small
Reed (Modern 1850-2000) Large
Reed 1700-early1800s Large
Reed, British Medium
Reed, from Elizabeth Small
Reed,Bill Small
Reed-Bainbridge Reed Line Small
Richardson-Robbins Small
Rice Medium
Ring Small
Rittall Small
* Roberts Bound Family History
Robinson Small
Rockwell Small
Rose Small
Rowe Medium
Royall Small
Rumsey Medium
Runey Small
Russell Small
Sargent Small
Sawyer Medium
Sawyer, from Harry Sawyer Small
Seavey Medium
Seavey, Capt. John Small
Sherman Large
Simpson Small
Sloss Small
Smith Medium
Snowman Small
Souther-Southard Large
Spear Small
Spinney Small
Spofford Small
Sprague Small
Standish Small
Stevens Small
Stewart Small
Stinson Small
Stone Small
Stover Small
Swett Large
Thomas Small
Thompson Small
Thorpe Small
* Tibbetts SEE Whitehouse Large
Tibbetts & Day Medium
Todd Small
Townsend Small
Trask Small
Trevett Small
Tupper Small
Tyler Small
Upham Small
Van Horn Medium
Van Horn, Norman Small
Vannah Small
Wade Small
Wall Small
Wallace Small
Webber Small
Webster Small
Welsh Medium
Welch-McKown, Juniper Pt. Medium
Wellington Small
Westman Small
Weymouth Small
Wheeler Small
Whitehouse Large
Wilde Small
Williams Small
Wilson Medium
* Winslow Medium
Woodbridge Small
Woodward Small
Wooton Small
Wright Small
Wylie about the Wylie desk Small
Wylie Family Large
* Wylie, Robert Medium


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