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Annual dues, May 1 to April 30:

_____$15.00 Individual

_____$25.00 Family

_____$50.00 Contributing

_____$100.00 Supporting

_____ over $100.00 Leadership

Please mail this form, together with your membership payment, to the address above. Thank you for joining the effort to preserve region history.


Become a BRHS Volunteer

Whether helping on a regular basis, or with occasional special projects, volunteers are essential to our mission. Please contact us for more information. Membership not required.

______ I am currently a BRHS member

I would like to:

________Set up and maintain on-going or special exhibits

________Maintain archives, databases, and files

________Accession and catalog artifacts

________Help with special events and programs; bake for sales

________Work on publicity

________Help plan and/or work on fundraising events

________Work on building and grounds

________Act as a greeter and perform general office help

________Join the mailing squad

________We are always looking for people with computer skills: databases, website maintenance, MS Publisher, dealing with hardware issues

________Surprise us! _____________________________________


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