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Do you have a personal connection to the Boothbay region? Are you intrigued by historical maps and photographs? The society maintains collections of primary and secondary reference materials to help visitors research their fields of interest. Whether you wish to casually browse our files or would like to request research assistance, we are here to help.

The towns of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, and Southport are the principal areas represented in the BRHS collections.

  • Minesweeper launchPhotographs: More than 15,000 images, including negatives, prints, scans, glass plates, and photographic postcards. Many of these images are available for sale as reprints.
  • Newspapers: Thirteen feet of local newspapers dating from 1876 to the present.
  • History files: More than 4,500 items arranged by more than 200 topics.
  • Family files: Obituaries, genealogies, correspondence, news clippings pertaining to numerous local families.
  • Special collections: Account books, day books, logs, ledgers, diaries, and family albums dating from the 1750s to the mid-1900s.
  • Document boxes: Discrete collections of information on families, businesses, schools, cultural organizations, and similar.
  • Oral history: Video and audio interviews with area residents.
  • Maps, surveys, nautical charts, vessel plans.
  • Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor: Town reports, vital records, and valuation records.
  • Books and periodicals: Generally secondary sources of historical information related to the region.
  • Yearbooks: Boothbay region high schools, 1934-1992.

Online Finding Aids to the Collections of the BRHS

Below are twenty-four lists and indexes, each of which details the contents of one of the collections (e.g., History Files, Photographs, Reference Books, Family Files) of the Boothbay Region Historical Society.  Collectively, these lists and indexes contain a one-line description of every item – document, photograph, or object – in all the BRHS’s collections.  By doing a keyword search in one of these lists or indexes – or in the master index – you can find every item in the Collections that is described by the search term you have chosen (e.g., Pinkham, Bowdoin, Fort Island).


Account Book Boxes (list and index to contents) (24 pgs.)

Artifacts (index) (226 pgs.)

Bound Family Histories (list) (2 pgs.)

Cemeteries Lists (Boothbay Peninsula & neighboring towns) (Muriel Howard) (2 pgs.)

Document Boxes (list and index to contents) (223 pgs.)

Family History Files (BRHS) (5 pgs.)

Family History Files (Muriel Howard) (4 pgs.)

History Files (document-level index) (83 pgs.)

Map Boxes in Reference Room (list of contents) (12 pgs.)

Map Drawers in Office (list of contents) (12 pgs.)

Oral History Audio and Videos Recordings (10 pgs.)

Out of Our Past articles (list) (23 pgs.)

Photographs (index) (247 pgs.)

Reference Books (list) (28 pgs.)

Shipyard Records 1 – Hodgdon (list of contents) (36 pgs.)

Shipyard Records 2 – Goudy & Stevens (list of contents) (11 pgs.)

Shipyard Records 3 – Sample’s (list of contents) (6 pgs.)

Shipyard Records 4 – Norman Hodgdon (list of contents) (1 pg.)

Shipyard Records 5 – Rice Brothers (list of contents) (34 pgs.)

Shipyard Records 6 – Frank Rice (list of contents) (6 pgs.)

Textile Boxes (index) (9 pgs.)

Town Records of Boothbay (4 pgs.)

Town Reports of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Southport & Edgecomb (list) (6 pgs.)

Research Services


Copies: Photocopies and electronic copies of documents or photographs in the BRHS’s collections are available for a modest fee, based on the number of copies and staff time. Please contact us for information on photo reprints.

Simple research inquires: For general inquiries, we suggest sending us a short email at Q. Do you have any information on WWII Navy minesweepers built in the Boothbay region? We will reply with a brief overview of our holdings.

Research inquiry form: The inquiry form may be filled out and returned by mail, along with a self-addressed envelope and a donation of $5.00 to cover postage and staff time. We will contact you by email or phone to review initial findings.

Extensive research: More extensive research may be performed by a local historian for a fee of $25 per hour. Please contact us for more information on this service.


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