Online Finding Aids to the Collections of the BRHS

Below are seventeen lists and indexes, each of which details the contents of one of the collections (e.g., Photographs, Reference Books, Family Genealogy Files) of the Boothbay Region Historical Society. Within these lists and indexes is a one-line (or more extensive) description of every item – document, photograph, or object – in the BRHS’ archives and museum. By doing a keyword search in one of these lists or indexes you can find every item in that collection that is described by the search term you have chosen (e.g., Pinkham, Bowdoin, Fort Island).

In addition, these lists and indexes have been compiled into a single Master Index. By doing a word search in the Master Index, you can find every item belonging to the Society that is described by the search term you have chosen.

To consult one of these indexes, click below.

Account Book Boxes (list and index to contents) (24 pgs.)
Artifacts (index) (152 pgs.)
Cemeteries Lists (Boothbay Peninsula & neighboring towns) (2 pgs.)
Document Boxes (list and index to contents) (223 pgs.)
Family History Files (list of surnames) (19 pgs.)
History Files (list) (5 pgs.)
History Files (document-level index) (82 pgs.)
Map Boxes in Reference Room (list of contents) (12 pgs.)
Map Drawers in Office (list of contents) (12 pgs.)
Oral History Audio and Videos Recordings (list) (5 pgs.)
Out of Our Past articles (list) (23 pgs.)
Photographs (index) (486 pgs.)
Reference Books (list) (34 pgs.)
Shipyard Collections (index) (115 pgs.)
Textile Boxes (index) (7 pgs.)
Town Records of Boothbay (4 pgs.)
Town Reports of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Southport & Edgecomb (list) (6 pgs.)



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