SOLD OUT – Boothbay Region Historical Sketches (volume I)


Barbara Rumsey, Editor

The first volume of the book series, Boothbay Region Historical Sketches came out in April 1995. It is 192 pages long and includes 35 articles that have been in our popular column in the Boothbay Register. The book includes an index with more than a 1,000 names and 50 maps and photos. Multiple authors contributed to the book which is divided into five geographic sections: Sheepscot River Islands, Dover and Back River, West Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, East Boothbay; and a section entitled, “On the Water.”

All articles are by Barbara Rumsey unless otherwise noted.

Chapter Titles
Highlights of Boothbay History

Section I: Sheepscot River Islands
The Old Oak Tree and the Mill on Barters Island, Parts I and II
Kimballtown, Parts I and II
Summer 1905, on Sawyers Island, Parts I and II, by Evelyn Hodgdon
Recollections of Indiantown Island, 1919-1929, Parts I and II, by Helen Little Hall
The S. G. Hodgdon Store and the Trevett Post Office, by Cathy Campbell

Section II: Dover and Back River
The Early History of the Dover Section of Boothbay, by John Welsh III
Michael Sinnett’s Misadventures, by John Heyl
Ovens Mouth

Section III: West Harbor
Henry Curtis and West Harbor in 1666
The Heirship Road Map, Parts I and II
A West Harbor Feldspar Quarry, by Alden Stickney

Section IV: Boothbay Harbor
The Boothbay Harbor Fountain
Beaths and Wells in Boothbay Harbor
Time and Money, by Mark Voight
Will T. Marr and the Harbor in the Teens, Parts I and II, by Asa Tupper Sr.
World War II by Earl Leavitt

Section V: East Boothbay
East Boothbay Before 1826, Parts I and II
East Boothbay in 1668, Parts I and II
Henry Champnoise’s 1679 Will
Seaveys and Shipyards, Parts I and II
Those Old Place Names

Section VI: On The Water
The Steamboat Era, by Alden Stickney
The Dory
The Great Pogy Era, Parts I and II, by Carl R. Griffin III

Section VII: Background
Profile of the Boothbay Region Historical Society
A Personal View of Local History
Notes on the Authors

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