Family History of The Boothbay Region


Embracing Family Genealogies and Biographical Sketches From The First Permanent Settlement in 1730 to Recent Times
by Francis B. Greene

The “History of Boothbay, Southport and Boothbay Harbor, Maine” was published in 1906. It is a volume of 693 pages. Pages 1 to 461, inclusive, are devoted to the physical and descriptive features; aboriginal inhabitants; early voyages, explorations and settlements; Indian wars; Dunbar’s settlement and the Scotch-Irish immigration of 1730; land claims and claimants; municipal and ecclesiastical history of the three towns; contributions to the wars of the Revolution, 1812 and Civil; tables of publishments of intentions of marriages from 1766 to 1820; official lists and tables; the industrial story of mills, ship building, stores, hotels and the growth and conduct of the fishery interests; fraternal societies and organizations; schools; casualties; summer resorts; carrying companies; with miscellaneous monographs and incidents. Pages 462 to 647, inclusive, are devoted to family history and genealogical sketches. The remainder of the volume contains a business directory, as existing at the date of publication, indexes and appendix matter.

This volume of 185 consecutive pages is a second printing of pages 462 to 647, inclusive, above mentioned with corrections and re-paging.

There were 1800 volumes of the 1906 edition of the general history. 900 volumes were taken by the towns as follows: Boothbay, 400; Boothbay Harbor, 400; Southport, 100. I retained 900 copies. At this date the towns have exhausted their allotments and I have but few copies left. I have learned, through many conversations with interested persons, that a considerable percentage is more deeply interested in the genealogical section than other parts of the history, and this has induced me to give that part of the earlier work a second printing and issue a small edition of 500 volumes.

Francis B. Greene
Boothbay Harbor, Me.
Feb’y 12, 1932

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