Out of Our Past

Since 1988, the society has regularly contributed articles on local history to the local weekly newspaper, the Boothbay Register. These articles were principally written by local historian Barbara Rumsey, with some by guest authors. The pieces have appeared in our column, Out of Our Past, and as stand-alone shorter pieces on a monthly or more frequent basis. Many of these articles have also appeared in three books put out by the society between 1995 and 2006. The books are entitled Boothbay Region Historical Sketches and all three volumes are available in our museum shop.

Articles to read now:

Shamrock Stranded

1700s Court of General Sessions

July 2008 Fire at Washburn & Doughty

Fourth of July High Jinks 1879

The Coast Patrol, 1917-1918

Articles available for purchase:

To purchase a copy, please send $3.00 to BRHS, P. O. Box 272, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538. To purchase copies of the “Boothbay Region Historical Sketches” books, please see Items for Sale.

A list of article titles is below. The note section of the table indicates articles that are included in one of the “Sketches” publications.  (SK1= Sketches 1, SK2= Sketches II, SK3= Sketches III)

IDTitleAuthorPub Date*Note
1691880s Linekin, IVan Horn, Simeon, and Shute, A.8/6/1998SK2
1701880s Linekin, IIVan Horn, Simeon, and Shute, A.8/13/1998SK2
1711880s Linekin, IIIVan Horn, Simeon, and Shute, A.8/20/1998SK2
1721880s Linekin, IVVan Horn, Simeon, and Shute, A.8/27/1998SK2
33220 Years of ColumnRumsey, Barbara11/6/2008
199A Dry State and a Dry Town, IRumsey, Barbara2/24/2000SK3
206A King’s GrantRumsey, Barbara6/29/2000SK3
44A Personal View of Local HistoryRumsey, Barbara9/5/1991
56A West Harbor Feldspar QuarryStickney, Alden6/18/1992SK1
277Adams MemoriesSmith, Addison6/9/2005
295All Saints ChurchFellows, Barbara7/6/2006
345An 1866 Diary, Part IRumsey, Barbara10/11/2009
346An 1866 Diary, Part IIRumsey, Barbara10/15/2009
347An 1866 Diary, Part IIIRumsey, Barbara10/29/2009
186Andrews Harborside, Part IRumsey, Barbara5/27/1999
187Andrews Harborside, Part IIRumsey, Barbara6/3/1999
252Art Schools of Early 1900s, Part IFisher, Carol and Alan7/3/2003
253Art Schools of Early 1900s, Part IIFisher, Carol and Alan7/10/2003
269Back Narrows Mica MinesRumsey, Barbara9/23/2004
180Back Narrows School DaysRumsey, Barbara2/4/1999
193Back Narrows Stores, Part IRumsey, Barbara11/4/1999
194Back Narrows Stores, Part IIRumsey, Barbara11/11/1999
323Back River SchoolRumsey, Barbara4/3/2008
26Bare and Rocky Boothbay, IRumsey, Barbara9/13/1990SK2
27Bare and Rocky Boothbay, IIRumsey, Barbara9/20/1990SK2
38Beaths and Wells in Boothbay HarborRumsey, Barbara5/9/1991SK1
96Benaiah Dolloff, Civil War SoldierRumsey, Barbara10/20/1994SK2
330Bennett Family DNABennett, Fred9/11/2008
223Bernard Rice HouseRumsey, Barbara5/31/2001
306Black veteran Reunions at Ocean Point, Part IRumsey, Barbara5/3/2007
307Black veteran Reunions at Ocean Point, Part IIRumsey, Barbara5/10/2007
308Black veteran Reunions at Ocean Point, Part IIIRumsey, Barbara5/17/2007
78Boothbay BeastsRumsey, Barbara9/23/1993SK2
178Boothbay BrickyardsRumsey, Barbara12/31/1998SK2
179Boothbay BrickyardsRumsey, Barbara1/7/1999SK2
266Boothbay Center 1800-1850, IIRumsey, Barbara6/10/2004
266Boothbay Center 1800-1850, IIIRumsey, Barbara,6/10/2004
267Boothbay Center After 1850, IVRumsey, Barbara7/1/2004
101Boothbay Center Brickyard, IRumsey, Barbara2/23/1995SK2
102Boothbay Center Brickyard, IIRumsey, Barbara3/2/1995SK2
265Boothbay Center in the 1700s, IRumsey, Barbara5/27/2004
340Boothbay Guys and Dam. Mills Alewives, Part IRumsey, Barbara5/21/2009
341Boothbay Guys and Dam. Mills Alewives, Part IIRumsey, Barbara5/28/2009
271Boothbay Harbor 1890s Town AffairsRumsey, Barbara12/2/2004
33Boothbay Harbor in 1833, IRumsey, Barbara2/14/1991
34Boothbay Harbor in 1833, IIRumsey, Barbara2/21/1991
167Boothbay Harbor in the Summer of 1923Rumsey, Barbara7/2/1998
124Boothbay Harbor’s Granary, IRumsey, Barbara3/21/1996
25Boothbay in 1679Rumsey, Barbara8/2/1990SK1
24Boothbay in 1836The Telegraph, reprinted7/5/1990
94Boothbay in 1840, IRumsey, Barbara9/15/1994SK2
95Boothbay in 1840, IIRumsey, Barbara9/22/1994SK2
207Boothbay Land Evolution on Linekin Neck, Part IRumsey, Barbara7/27/2000
208Boothbay Land Evolution on Linekin Neck, Part IIRumsey, Barbara8/3/2000
263Boothbay News in 1851, Part IKenniston, Mary4/15/2004
264Boothbay News in 1851, Part IIKenniston, Mary4/29/2004
3Boothbay Region in War of 1812Reed, Elizabeth and Rumsey, Barbara1/5/1989SK2
164Boothbay Support OrganizationsRumsey, Barbara4/30/1998
151Boothbay’s Carrying PlacesRumsey, Barbara9/18/1997SK2
119Boothbay’s Islands and Their NamesRumsey, Barbara11//1995
15Boothbay’s Lost and FoundRumsey, Barbara12/14/1989
76Boothbay’s Old Landmark WillowsRumsey, Barbara9/9/1993SK2
77Boothbay’s Old Landmark WillowsRumsey, Barbara9/16/1993SK2
237Cap’n John StoriesBishop, Flora Hodgdon6/6/2002SK3
239Cap’n John Stories, IIBishop, Flora Hodgdon7/11/2002
241Cap’n John Stories, IIIBishop, Flora Hodgdon9/4/2002
246Cap’n John Stories, IVBishop, Flora Hodgdon12/12/2002
268Cap’n John Stories, IXBishop, Flora Hodgdon8/19/2004
249Cap’n John Stories, VBishop, Flora Hodgdon3/13/2003
254Cap’n John Stories, VIBishop, Flora Hodgdon8/7/2003SK3
259Cap’n John Stories, VIIBishop, Flora Hodgdon12/25/2003
262Cap’n John Stories, VIIIBishop, Flora Hodgdon3/18/2004
273Cap’n John Stories, XBishop, Flora Hodgdon2/3/2005SK3
275Cap’n John Stories, XIBishop, Flora Hodgdon4/7/2005
284Cap’n John Stories, XIIBishop, Flora Hodgdon11/17/2005
288Cap’n John Stories, XIIIBishop, Flora Hodgdon3/16/2006
294Cap’n John Stories, XIVBishop, Flora Hodgdon6/29/2006SK3
299Cap’n John Stories, XVBishop, Flora Hodgdon11/9/2006
192Capt. John SeaveyRumsey, Barbara10/7/1999SK3
276Captain Wilson Lewis HeroismRumsey, Barbara5/5/2005
225Cavanor of Ram IslandRumsey, Barbara7/26/2001SK3
289Cecil Pierce, Part IRumsey, Barbara4/20/2006
290Cecil Pierce, Part IIRumsey, Barbara4/27/2006
291Cecil Pierce, Part IIIRumsey, Barbara5/4/2006
292Cecil Pierce, Part IVRumsey, Barbara5/18/2006
293Cecil Pierce, Part VRumsey, Barbara6/1/2006
209Changing Face of Boothbay, Part IRumsey, Barbara9/7/2000
210Changing Face of Boothbay, Part IIRumsey, Barbara9/14/2000
334Chesebro’s Dairy, Part IRumsey, Barbara12/25/2008
335Chesebro’s Dairy, Part IIRumsey, Barbara1/1/2009
333Christmas 1904Hodgdon, Evelyn12/11/2008
224Clambake at McKown PointShepard, Bob6/28/2001
302Cumberland Bone Co., Part IRumsey, Barbara2/1/2007
303Cumberland Bone Co., Part IIRumsey, Barbara2/8/2007
152Daily Household Life in Boothbay HBR, IRumsey, Barbara10/16/1997SK2
153Daily Household Life in Boothbay HBR, IIRumsey, Barbara10/23/1997SK2
250DamariscoveGriffin, Chip5/1/2003SK3
14Dr. James ToddTupper, Asa Sr.11/9/1989SK2
258DumpsRumsey, Barbara11/27/2003
235Early 1900s West Harbor memoriesRumsey, Barbara (Orne)4/4/2002
213Early Barters Island, Part IRumsey, Barbara11/30/2000
214Early Barters Island, Part IIRumsey, Barbara12/7/2000
215Early Barters Island, Part IIIRumsey, Barbara12/14/2000
348Early Commercial Street, Part IRumsey, Barbara11/12/2009
349Early Commercial Street, Part IIRumsey, Barbara11/26/2009
328Early E. BoothbayRumsey, Barbara7/31/2008
297Early History of Sawyers IslandRumsey, Barbara10/5/2006
13Early Mills in BoothbayRumsey, Barbara10/5/1989
325Early Region Schools, Part IRumsey, Barbara6/6/2008
326Early Region Schools, Part IIRumsey, Barbara6/19/2008
67East Boothbay 110 Years AgoRegister/Rumsey, Barbara1/21/1993
6East Boothbay Before 1826, IRumsey, Barbara3/16/1989SK1
7East Boothbay Before 1826, IIRumsey, Barbara4/6/1989SK1
256East Boothbay BoatsRumsey, Barbara10/2/2003SK3
10East Boothbay in 1668, IRumsey, Barbara6/8/1989SK1
11East Boothbay in 1668, IIRumsey, Barbara7/11/1989SK1
260East Boothbay Methodist ChurchRumsey, Barbara1/22/2004
270East Boothbay StoriesRumsey, Barbara10/28/2004SK3
339East Boothbay’s Wartime Hot Dog Stand/DinerRumsey, Barbara4/30/2009
278Edgar, Nat, and Oscar PooreRumsey, Barbara6/23/2005SK3
216Elbridge’s Wharf, HulksRumsey, Barbara1/18/2001
134Fall, 1916, Part IRumsey, Barbara10/24/1996SK2
135Fall, 1916, Part IIRumsey, Barbara10/31/1996SK2
280Fisherman’s IslandRumsey, Barbara7/28/2005SK3
321Fisherman’s Wharf Fire, IRumsey, Barbara2/21/2008
322Fisherman’s Wharf Fire, IIRumsey, Barbara2/28/2008
183Fishing with the Newcombs, Part IBegin, Ruth Newcomb4/15/1999SK3
184Fishing with the Newcombs, Part IIBegin, Ruth Newcomb4/22/1999SK3
185Fishing with the Newcombs, Part IIIBegin, Ruth Newcomb4/29/1999SK3
310Fourth of July CannonRumsey, Barbara6/28/2007
191Grave MattersRumsey, Barbara9/9/1999SK3
18Henry Curtis and West Harbor in 1666Rumsey, Barbara2/15/1990SK1
247Historical Features of Ovens Mouth PreserveRumsey, Barbara1/16/2003
337Hodgdon Brothers 1917 SubchasersRumsey, Barbara3/5/2009
39Horse Troughs in Boothbay HarborRumsey, Barbara6/13/1991SK2
40Horse Troughs in Boothbay HarborRumsey, Barbara6/20/1991SK2
146Household Gardens in BoothbayBrowne, Melinda6/12/1997
336Housemoving at Back River (MacNab’s)Rumsey, Barbara2/5/2009
130Hull House on Barters Island, IRumsey, Barbara7/25/1996
131Hull House on Barters Island, IIRumsey, Barbara8/1/1996
255Iceworks at AppalacheeRumsey, Barbara9/4/2003
251Iceworks at Back NarrowsRumsey, Barbara5/29/2003
99Indiantown, IRumsey, Barbara1/12/1995
100Indiantown, IIRumsey, Barbara1/19/1995
244Island Summers on Barters Island, Part IRumsey, Barbara11/7/2002
245Island Summers on Barters Island, Part IIRumsey, Barbara11/14/2002
282Isle of Springs and Boothbay HarborRumsey, Barbara9/29/2005
21James Beath and the Civil WarRumsey, Barbara and Beath, Charlotte4/26/1990SK2
181John Henry Lake, IRumsey, Barbara3/4/1999SK3
161John M. McFarland’s Store, 1813-1815, IRumsey, Barbara3/5/1998
162John M. McFarland’s Store, 1813-1815, IIRumsey, Barbara3/12/1998
75July 1814Beath, Joseph and Rumsey, Barbara8/12/1993SK2
81Kimballtown, IRumsey, Barbara1/6/1994SK1
82Kimballtown, IIRumsey, Barbara1/13/1994SK1
296Knickerbocker IceworksRumsey, Barbara8/17/2006
331Lester BarterRumsey, Barbara10/9/2008
200Liquor in 1880s Boothbay, IIRumsey, Barbara3/2/2000SK3
65Little River in the 1920sRumsey, Barbara12/10/1992SK2
66Little River in the 1920sRumsey, Barbara12/17/1992SK2
204Lobster Cove Meadow, Part IRumsey, Barbara5/25/2000
205Lobster Cove Meadow, Part IIRumsey, Barbara6/1/2000
2Local IndiansStickney, Alden12/8/1988
103Local Portable and Stationary MillsRumsey, Barbara3/9/1995
343Mace Carter and Cecil Pierce, Part IGebert, Avis and Rumsey, Barbara7/23/2009
344Mace Carter and Cecil Pierce, Part IIGebert, Avis and Rumsey, Barbara7/30/2009
304Marine Railway Schemes in Boothbay, IRumsey, Barbara3/22/2007
111Marine Railways, IRumsey, Barbara7/6/1995SK3
342McFarlands Point in the Early 1900sRumsey, Barbara6/25/2009
163McFarland’s Point, 1875Rumsey, Barbara4/9/1998
133McKown Hill from Moore’s RockRumsey, Barbara9/26/1996
12Michael Sinnett’s MisadventuresHeyl, John8/10/1989SK1
176More Sam Woodward Stories, Part IRumsey, Barbara11/26/1998SK3
177More Sam Woodward Stories, Part IIRumsey, Barbara12/3/1998SK3
313Moving a Mast at Goudy’sRumsey, Barbara8/2/2007
329Murray HouseRumsey, Barbara8/14/2008
233My Father and the 20/20 ClubRumsey, Barbara1/31/2002
232My Folks and MusicRumsey, Barbara1/24/2002
64Native American FishingGriffin, Chip and Rumsey, Barbara11//1992
127Nicholas Knight House, IIBrowne, Melinda5/23/1996
128Nicholas Knight House, IIBrowne, Melinda5/30/1996
212Ocean Point in the Early 1900sSilliman, Elizabeth Pettengill11/2/2000
154Old Wars and Distant CousinsStevens, James10/30/1997SK2
106Our Cemeteries, IRumsey, Barbara5/11/1995
107Our Cemeteries, IIBrowne, Melinda5/18/1995
108Our Cemeteries, IIIRumsey, Barbara5/25/1995
109Our Cemeteries, IVRumsey, Barbara6/1/1995
110Our Cemeteries, VBrowne, Melinda6/8/1995
54Our Ice BoomBoothbay Register/Rumsey, Barbara4/16/1992SK2
243Outer Heron Ring Legend, IIRumsey, Barbara10/10/2002SK3
242Outer Heron, IRumsey, Barbara10/3/2002SK3
92Ovens MouthRumsey, Barbara8/18/1994SK1
5Parker Wylie LettersWylie, Pam and Rumsey, Barbara2//1989
238Penny LakeRumsey, Barbara6/13/2002
211Perkins Brothers/Fishers HallRumsey, Barbara9/28/2000
45Pete Jones and March HillRumsey, Barbara10//1991
283Pitch Pine Rock MudRumsey, Barbara10/13/2005
22Pitch Pine Rock, IRumsey, Barbara5/31/1990
23Pitch Pine Rock, IIRumsey, Barbara6/7/1990
42Recollections of Indiantown Island, IHall, Helen Little7/18/1991SK1
43Recollections of Indiantown Island, IIHall, Helen Little7/1/1991SK1
286Rev. Murray’s 1760s Concerns, Part IRumsey, Barbara1/26/2006SK3
287Rev. Murray’s 1760s Concerns, Part IIRumsey, Barbara2/10/2006SK3
226Robert M. Wylie Diaries, Part IRumsey, Barbara8/23/2001
227Robert M. Wylie Diaries, Part IIRumsey, Barbara8/30/2001
228Robert M. Wylie Diaries, Part IIIRumsey, Barbara9/8/2001
236Robert M. Wylie Diaries, Part IVRumsey, Barbara5/9/2002
257Robert M. Wylie Diaries, Part VRumsey, Barbara10/30/2003
320Romance at an East Side Sardine FactoryRumsey, Barbara1/24/2008
201Running the West Harbor Iceworks, Part IKelly, Margaret Orne3/30/2000
202Running the West Harbor Iceworks, Part IIKelly, Margaret Orne4/6/2000
142Sam Woodward Stories, IRumsey, Barbara3/20/1997SK3
143Sam Woodward Stories, IIRumsey, Barbara3/27/1997SK3
301Sardine Carrier Days at Goudy & StevensRumsey, Barbara1/4/2007
231Sardine Factories at West Harbor and Mill CoveRumsey, Barbara11/28/2001
203Sea SerpentSmith, Elizabeth Oakes5/4/2000SK3
338Sherman’s Livery StableRumsey, Barbara4/2/2009
61Shipyards and Seaveys, IRumsey, Barbara9/24/1992SK1
62Shipyards and Seaveys, IIRumsey, Barbara10/1/1992SK1
63Shipyards and Seaveys, IIIRumsey, Barbara10/8/1992SK2
182S’Liza Brewer and John Henry Lake, IIRumsey, Barbara3/11/1999SK3
115Some Aspects of the Breakup of the Towns, IRumsey, Barbara9/14/1995SK2
116Some Aspects of the Breakup of the Towns, IIRumsey, Barbara9/28/1995SK2
117Some Aspects of the Breakup of the Towns, IIIRumsey, Barbara10/12/1995SK2
118Some Aspects of the Breakup of the Towns, IVRumsey, Barbara10/26/1995SK2
229Some Locally-Built Steamboats, Part IStickney, Alden10/4/2001SK3
230Some Locally-Built Steamboats, Part IIStickney, Alden10/25/2001SK3
126Spring 1916Rumsey, Barbara4/25/1996SK2
57Summer 1905Hodgdon, Evelyn and Rumsey, B.7/16/1992SK1
58Summer 1905Hodgdon, Evelyn and Rumsey, B.7/23/1992SK1
132Summer 1916Rumsey, Barbara8/29/1996SK2
150Summer Residents AssociationStreett, Lois8/18/1997
175Ten Years of ArticlesRumsey, Barbara10/29/1998
217That Ugly Old Son of a Gun, Clem McCobb, Part IRumsey, Barbara2/15/2001SK3
218That Ugly Old Son of a Gun, Clem McCobb, Part IIRumsey, Barbara2/22/2001SK3
300The 1700s Mill at Campbells CoveRumsey, Barbara12/14/2006
97The 1840 Boothbay CensusRumsey, Barbara11/17/1994SK2
309The Alewife Run at West Harbor, Part IRumsey, Barbara6/14/2007
311The Alewife Run at West Harbor, Part IIRumsey, Barbara7/5/2007
312The Alewife Run at West Harbor, Part IIIRumsey, Barbara7/12/2007
144The Baby that Washed Ashore/Hendrick’s Head, IRumsey, Barbara4/24/1997SK3
145The Baby that Washed Ashore/Hendrick’s Head, IIRumsey, Barbara5/1/1997SK3
147The Block Plant on the Damariscotta, IRumsey, Barbara7/10/1997SK2
80The Boothbay Harbor FountainRumsey, Barbara11/25/1993SK1
112The Boothbay Marine Railway, IIRumsey, Barbara7/13/1995SK3
113The Boothbay Marine Railway, IIIRumsey, Barbara7/20/1995SK3
129The Boothbay Region in PhotographsStickney, Alden6/27/1996SK2
136The Boothbay RegisterRumsey, Barbara12/5/1996
149The Brickyard on the Damariscotta, IIIRumsey, Barbara7/24/1997SK2
148The Brickyard/Block Plant/Damariscotta, IIRumsey, Barbara7/17/1997SK2
59The Cannon on Sawyers Island, IRumsey, Barbara8/20/1992SK2
60The Cannon on Sawyers Island, IIRumsey, Barbara8/20/1992
70The Civil War Monument, IRumsey, Barbara4/22/1993SK2
71The Civil War Monument, IIRumsey, Barbara4//1993
52The Court of Common Pleas, IRumsey, Barbara3/12/1992
53The Court of Common Pleas, IIRumsey, Barbara3/19/1992
55The Court of General SessionsRumsey, Barbara5/14/1992
166The Dan McCobb Family Moves Back from Alna, IIRumsey, Barbara6/4/1998SK2
79The DoryRumsey, Barbara10/28/1993SK1
160The Early History of McFarland’s PointRumsey, Barbara2/19/1998
189The East Boothbay Store, Part IRumsey, Barbara8/5/1999
190The East Boothbay Store, Part IIRumsey, Barbara8/12/1999
219The Enterprise, Part IStickney, Alden3/22/2001SK3
220The Enterprise, Part IIStickney, Alden3/29/2001SK3
272The Fire of 1945Rumsey, Barbara1/6/2005
173The Flu Epidemic of 1918, Part IRumsey, Barbara9/24/1998SK2
174The Flu Epidemic of 1918, Part IIRumsey, Barbara10/1/1998SK2
139The Frank Rice Shipyard, IRumsey, Barbara2/6/1997SK3
140The Frank Rice Shipyard, IIRumsey, Barbara2/13/1997SK3
141The Frank Rice Shipyard, IIIRumsey, Barbara2/20/1997SK3
1The Fullerton Homestead and Colonial FortReed, Elizabeth and Rumsey, Barbara11/3/1988
125The Granary Way, IIRumsey, Barbara3/28/1996
159The Great Freeze of 1918 Frees the Home, IIRumsey, Barbara1/23/1998SK2
158The Great Freeze of 1918, IRumsey, Barbara1/15/1998SK2
46The Great Pogy Era, IGriffin, Chip and Rumsey, Barbara11/28/1991SK1
47The Great Pogy Era, IIGriffin, Chip and Rumsey, Barbara12/5/1991SK1
73The Heirship Road Map, IRumsey, Barbara7/8/1993SK1
74The Heirship Road Map, IIRumsey, Barbara7/8/1993SK1
281The Hodgdon Store at Trevett-First 20 YearsRumsey, Barbara8/25/2005
137The Holbrook Store, Part IRumsey, Barbara1/2/1997SK2
138The Holbrook Store, Part IIRumsey, Barbara1/9/1997SK2
120The Honor Roll on the Boothbay CommonRumsey, Barbara12/21/1995
155The Horn-Decker Gang, IRumsey, Barbara12/4/1997SK3
156The Horn-Decker Gang, IIRumsey, Barbara12/11/1997SK3
157The Horn-Decker Gang, IIIRumsey, Barbara12/18/1997SK3
274The Jug StoryRumsey, Barbara3/10/2005SK3
298The Leach House on Sawyers IslandRumsey, Barbara10/12/2006
240The Library BuildingRumsey, Barbara8/8/2002
279The Lobster Canning FactoryRumsey, Barbara7/14/2005
35The Long House, IRumsey, Barbara3/21/1991
36The Long House, IIRumsey, Barbara//1991
37The Long House, IIIRumsey, Barbara4/11/1991
315The Marr-Paine StoreRumsey, Barbara10/25/2007
69The MeadowRumsey, Barbara3/25/1993
234The MeadowRumsey, Barbara3/7/2002
68The Mill on the MeadowRumsey, Barbara2/18/1993
314The Nicholas Knight HouseRumsey, Barbara8/23/2007
104The Nicholas Knight House at B. Center, IBrowne, Melinda4/6/1995
105The Nicholas Knight House at B. Center, IIBrowne, Melinda4/13/1995
16The Old Oak Tree and the Mill on Barters Island, IRumsey, Barbara1/11/1990SK1
17The Old Oak Tree and the Mill on Barters Island, IIRumsey, Barbara1/18/1990SK1
49The Old Red SchoolRumsey, Barbara1/30/1992
50The Old Red SchoolRumsey, Barbara2/6/1992
51The Old Red SchoolRumsey, Barbara2/13/1992
248The Old Red StoreRumsey, Barbara2/13/2003
188The Opera HouseRumsey, Barbara7/8/1999
114The Origin of the Name BoothbayRumsey, Barbara8/17/1995SK2
168The Remodeling of the Boothbay Harbor LibraryRumsey, Barbara7/9/1998
350The River Road’s North School, Part IRumsey, Barbara12/31/2009
72The S.G. Hodgdon Store & Post OfficeCampbell, Cathy6/10/1993SK1
316The Schooner America, Part IRumsey, Barbara11/29/2007
317The Schooner America, Part IIRumsey, Barbara12/6/2007
318The Schooner America, Part IIIRumsey, Barbara12/13/2007
319The Schooner America, Part IVRumsey, Barbara12/20/2007
28The Steamboat Era, IStickney, Alden10/18/1990SK1
29The Steamboat Era, IIStickney, Alden10/25/1990SK1
30The Store in the Woods, IRumsey, Barbara11/29/1990
31The Store in the Woods, IIRumsey, Barbara12/6/1990
305The Townsend Marine Railway, IIRumsey, Barbara3/29/2007
165The Very Last Boothbay McCobb, IRumsey, Barbara5/28/1998SK2
90Those Old Placenames, IRumsey, Barbara6/2/1994SK1
93Those Old Placenames, IIRumsey, Barbara9//1994
91Time and MoneyVoight, Mark6/30/1994SK1
324Town Meeting 100 YearsAgo (HBR)Rumsey, Barbara5/8/2008
19Treasure at Pirate Cove, IRumsey, Barbara3/15/1990SK3
20Treasure at Pirate Cove, IIRumsey, Barbara3/22/1990SK3
221Treasure!, Part IRumsey, Barbara4/26/2001SK3
222Treasure!, Part IIRumsey, Barbara5/3/2001SK3
195Vanished Boothbay Graveyards, Part IRumsey, Barbara12/9/1999SK3
196Vanished Boothbay Graveyards, Part IIRumsey, Barbara12/16/1999SK3
285Village BoundsRumsey, Barbara12/22/2005
121West Harbor and Mill Cove, IRumsey, Barbara1/18/1996
122West Harbor and Mill Cove, IIRumsey, Barbara1/25/1996
197West Harbor Iceworks, Part IKelly, Margaret Orne1/20/2000
198West Harbor Iceworks, Part IIKelly, Margaret Orne1/27/2000
327West Harbor WharvesRumsey, Barbara7/3/2008
32What’s In A Museum?Rumsey, Barbara1/10/1991
261WildcatRumsey, Barbara2/19/2004
8Will T. Marr and Boothbay Harbor in the Teens, ITupper, Asa Sr.5/4/1989SK1
9Will T. Marr and Boothbay Harbor in the Teens, IITupper, Asa Sr.5/11/1989SK1
98William McCobb, BlacksmithRumsey, Barbara12/15/1994
4Winfield Thompson of SouthportStickney, Alden2/2/1989SK2
123Winter 1916Rumsey, Barbara2/22/1996SK2
48World War IILeavitt Jr., Earl12/12/1991SK1
83Your Old House, IRumsey, Barbara2/10/1994
84Your Old House, IIRumsey, Barbara2/24/1994
85Your Old House, IIIRumsey, Barbara3/10/1994
86Your Old House, IVRumsey, Barbara3/24/1994
87Your Old House, VRumsey, Barbara4/7/1994
88Your Old House, VIRumsey, Barbara4/21/1994
89Your Old House, VIIRumsey, Barbara5/5/1994

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