Boothbay Region Historical Sketches, Volume II




Barbara Rumsey, Editor
Published in 1999

This second volume of Sketches included 56 more articles from the column. The subject matter ranges from: the creation of Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the region brickyards, vanished features, Linekin Neck, the region in the 1840s and in the 1910s, profiles of some of our residents, and more.

Barbara Rumsey wrote most of the articles, while Asa Tupper Sr., Jim Stevens, and Alden Stickney provided four of them. The book is softcover, 288 pages long, with 55 illustrations: 13 maps, 36 photos, and six drawings or documents. Trustee emeritus Alden P. Stickney drew many small sketches specifically for the book in order to enliven the text.

Chapter Titles
Section I: The Creation of Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor
Boothbay’s Carrying Places
The Origin of the Name “Boothbay”
The Division of the Towns

Section II: Vanished Features
Boothbay Beasts
Bare and Rocky Boothbay
Horse Troughs
Boothbay’s Old Willows
The Ice Boom of 1890, by the Boothbay Register

Section III: The War of 1812, The Civil War
Boothbay in the War of 1812 by Elizabeth F. Reed
Joseph Beath’s July 1814 Letter
The Cannon on Sawyers Island
Benaiah Dolloff of Company K, 19th Maine
James Oliver Seavey on the Rappahannock
James E. Beath of Company E, 4th Maine, by Charlotte M. Beath
The Civil War Monument

Section IV: Boothbay in the 1840s
Boothbay in 1840
The 1840 Boothbay Census

Section V: Boothbay Brickyards
Boothbay Brickyards
The Morrison Brickyard
The Damariscotta River Block Plant and Brickyard

Section VI: Linekin Neck
The Holbrook Store in the 1860s
1880s Linekin, by Simeon Van Horn, Alberta V. Shute
Little River in the 1920s and 1850s

Section VII: The 1910s in the Boothbay Region
Household Life in Boothbay Harbor, 1915
1916 through the Boothbay Register
The Great Freeze of 1918
The Flu Epidemic of 1918

Section VIII: Some Memorable Townspeople
Richard Otis, by Jim Stevens
Photographers of the Boothbay Region by Alden Stickney
Winfield Thompson by Alden Stickney
Dr. James M. Todd, One of Boothbay Harbor’s Great Benefactors by Asa Tupper, Sr.
Asa Tupper, Sr.
Sonny Hodgdon
Lincoln Giles
Hazel McCobb Poore