History of Boothbay, Southport and Boothbay Harbor, Maine




by Francis Byron Greene
First published in 1906, This edition 1999

Praise for the Boothbay region’s “one great history” was justifiably high at the time of the book’s initial publication in 1906. Unlike so much of the writing by Maine authors of Greene’s day, his book has continued to be valued by students of local history for its scholarship and by the casual reader who seeks a wide range of insight or general information about local history, including that of the region’s early families.
Only a modest number of copies of the original 1906 edition were printed. Despite three printings in the 1980s and 1999, interest in and demand for Greene’s history remains strong. This makes this New Indexed Edition all the more timely and purposeful, especially due to the resurgence of interest among all age groups in the research and study of local history and family genealogies.

Francis Byron Greene
Francis Byron Green (1857-1943) had an impressive range of talents to qualify him for the task of writing Boothbay’s first substantial history. Born in Augusta, he taught his way through town schools and business college, aspired to be a lawyer, was admitted to the bar and practiced law for a short time. Green tells us “I felt no taste for the practice of law…” As a result he entered business, wholesaling watches and jewelry. In 1886 he moved the enterprise to Boothbay and resided there until his death. His was a busy life, the experiences of which are reflected in the research and assembling of this book. He served as a teacher, a school district superintendent, state senator, merchant, and member of many local, state, and national organizations. He exhibited a voracious appetite for seeking out details and locating material for his book which has been a classic for more than eighty years.

The Boothbay Region Historical Society
This edition of The History of Boothbay, Southport and Boothbay Harbor has been a project given special impetus by the Boothbay Region Historical Society and eminently appropriate with the society’s objectives. The society was established in 1967 for the purpose of bringing together individuals interested in local history, and collecting and preserving historical records and artifacts relating to the culture of the Boothbay region.

I. Physical and Descriptive History
II. Aboriginal Inhabitants
III. Early Voyages and Explorations
IV. Early Settlements
V. Growth and Government of the First Settlement
VI. The Indian Wars
VII. The Interim: 1689-1729
VIII. The Dunbar Settlement
IX. 1733 to 1764
X. Municipal History of Boothbay
XI. Land Claims and Claimants
XII. Ecclesiastical History
XIII. Boothbay in the Revolution
XIV. Boothbay in the War of 1812
XV. Boothbay Publishments of Intentions of
Marriage, 1766-1820
XVI. Official Lists and Tables
XVII. Municipal History of Southport
XVIII. Division of Boothbay
XIX. Mills, Shipbuilding, Stores and Hotels
XX. Fraternal Societies and Associations
XXI. The Fisheries
XXII. Casualties
XXIII. Schools
XXIV. Summer Resorts and Carrying Companies
XXV. The Civil War
XXVI. Monographs and Incidents